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Let us help you "sparkle" create a lasting impression on your customer and provide a clean healthy environment for your workforce.

By contracting We-Clean Services you will be assured of a:-
    - Quality,
    - A Professional service, 
    - With a Personal touch 

We add value to your business.
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Equipped for service deliver to any size organization We-Clean truly believe that “The Customer is King” The services we provide can and does make a difference to how you are perceived.

We are able to provide evening and daytime service cleans and can schedule with you those larger cleaning projects to action through out the year.

If you are a service purchaser or facilities manager please consider the added value that We-Clean Service can provide to your company.

What makes us different? We care; our manager’s care, and our staff care about our customers. We are committed to your success.

By having a fully tried and tested management process, which guarantees that we maintain standards. Through training & education our staff understand your job specification, use the correct chemicals, wear the correct PPE and have environmental awareness, which ensures their and your health & safety. Allowing us to provide that extra attention to detail. 

We-Clean Service Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of services, which include: - 
General Cleaning, Washroom Services, Toilet and Bathroom Sanitization, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Building Exterior Cleaning, Vehicle Valet, Gardening and General Maintenance. 

Legislation in the UK places the responsibility on all companies regardless of size to provide appropriate facilities in female washrooms for the collection and disposal of sanitary waste. Legislation also requires companies to take reasonable steps to ensure that registered waste carriers transport waste. We-Clean Services is able to offer the following Washroom Services.    
* Sanitary units collection and disposal   
* Vending machines   
* Soap dispensers   
* Air fresheners   
* Sanitizing systems   
* Warm air dryers   
* Clinical and medical waste collection and disposal   
* Toilet roll systems   
* Paper hand towel systems

Give us a try, for a free estimate complete the form in contuct us or free phone 0800 118 2330 any time.